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Holly Lake Church of Christ 3173 S. FM 2869 Hawkins, Texas 75765-4565

Phone: 903-769-3031

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Care Line

The Care Line was created for the convenience of our church members and concerned members of the community. The elders have set up the organization of this service so that everyone can conveniently stay well informed with the most current updates on our sick with just one phone call. This service is set up for 24/7 availability. Anyone who feels they are in need of our prayers is welcome to call and be put on the Care Line. Everyone is welcome to call our Care Line for the most current reports at 903-769-3058.

Ladies Bible Class

This class meets every Wednesday morning at 10:30 AM during school months. The classes are taught by very capable and knowledgeable ladies. All ladies of the community are encouraged to attend.

Prison Ministry

We meet at the church every Wednesday morning at 8:30 AM. We grade about 200 correspondence lessons each week from prisoners and answer their questions about the lesson. Since 2011 when we began this ministry God has added about 325 souls to His Kingdom.

Grief Recovery Counseling

The purpose of this counseling is to encourage and comfort those who have recently lost loved ones. We seek to comfort those who are mourning by looking to God as the father of all comfort in discussion and prayer. Everyone in our community is invited to request counseling at any time they have a need.

Prayer Ministry

The Holly Lake congregation is blessed with a large number of prayer warriors. We offer up prayers on behalf of; our family members, our prison ministry, within our community and our Missionaries. We know that God has promised to answer our prayers. He is a gracious God Who keeps His promises. It would be a privilege to pray for you during your time of adversity. If you would like for us to go to the throne of the all-powerful God in prayer on your behalf, then send your request to: Prayer@HollyLakeChurchofChrist.org.

World Bible School Postal

Through the World Bible School ministry we offer free Bible study courses to individuals that are seeking to know more about God and develop a closer relationship with Him. Members from the Holly Lake congregation mail about 150 Bible Lessons each month around the world. If you would like more information about how you can assist, you can E-mail your questions to: WBS@HollyLakeChurchofChrist.org.

World Bible School Connect

The World Bible School Connect ministry places Web Ads on the Internet to connect with individuals that are interested in knowing more about God and developing a relationship with Him. All students who enroll appear on a student list available only to the Holly Lake group. They can either sign up to receive their lessons through the Postal Service or via the Internet. We then encourage and assist them in learning more about God.

Tuesday is Game & Fellowship Night

Tuesday night at 7:00 PM we have Game & Fellowship night at the church building. We play Canasta, 42, and Hand & Foot. Some players choose to meet for a meal at one of the locate Restaurants prior to 7:00PM. Whether you choose to have a meal together or just come to the building for fun and fellowship each is blessed by being together.